How to Get Quality Backlinks

The sole purpose of SEO is to get an ever-increasing Page Rating for your pages. The mathematics involved is very simple; higher page rating leads to more clicks & traffic thereby increased revenue.

The first way to achieve traffic is to keep posting and organically grow the traffic, a time-consuming process. Second way to achieve increased Page Rating is the use of Backlinks. In simple words, backlinks are created when you post on some other website. A visitor clicking on your post gets linked/routed to your page/post and your website.

Let’s explore three ways on how to get quality backlinks.

The Search Engines and Their Policies

Almost every visitor would reach your page using a search engine. Therefore, be aware of the policies and the metrics the spiders use to crawl the web.

Let’s start this by an example of how the rankings of hundreds of sites went to dust overnight. Bloggers and website administrators used to connect to each other. In the true sense of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours’, they used to post on each other’s blogs or websites and in turn get backlinks. This practice of creating Private Blogging Network gave them results of high page indexes. They were merry till the time the big boy of search engines -Google – smartened. Google introduced the Public Blogging Network Deindexing update via a policy update called Google Penguin 3.0 update.

Google, being the biggest and the trendsetter search engine, keeps yourself or your SEO managers abreast of its latest policies. Focus on creating useful, well-organized information (or content) on your website. In the next section let’s explore how quality contents itself is the first step towards Page Ranking and creating quality backlinks thereafter.

Quality and Useful Content

You create content on the website for the sole reason that someone would visit and read through. Key things to remember here is that you must find out what a reader would want. Also, what specific value you propose to deliver when the reader lands on your page.

A guiding principle from Abe Lincoln is, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”.

Build quality content and even the most visited sites would give you quality backlinks. For example, let’s say your website is about fitness and you create an article on useful’ fitness tricks for traveling professionals. Your content gets published on LinkedIn, do we say anything more? You get one of the most sought after professional networking site as a backlink. Isn’t that some quality backlink? You can always ask us for a backlink check and we will let you know what’s need to be done to improve your backlinks.

Finally, we shortly explore the importance of keyword

Research Keywords:

The importance of keywords is known to all. As mentioned, the search engine spiders feed on the keywords to crawl the WWW.

Cast the keyword net as wide as possible, by including as many relevant keywords as possible. For example, you may be a salad bar, do use excellent salads, but also legumes, organic, etc.

To increase the searchability, do share your posts on Google+ and Alexa (one of the crawled site by google spiders).

End Note: The first trick in getting quality backlinks is great informative content’. Hire professionals, outsource or do whatever, but remember. Content is the King!’. Secondly, include as many relevant keywords as possible. Last but not the least be aware of the procedure of the ranking.

Source: SEO Lotus – 26.07.2017, Digital Marketing Shop – 26.07.2017

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