Leaking Showers

Shower leak? how to stop it

Required step of small work to be done at home: the leak of shower. It never happens at the right time but it must be stopped. No panic, we unveil everything to do the repairs yourself. A bar of Motivax and go! A shower can bring more satisfaction than a bath. What a sweet feeling when you spray your body with jets whose pressure, shape and temperature can be adapted to each area of ​​the body for a relaxing or toning effect according to the mood of the moment. However, you must take care of the elements of your shower … From the catcher to the showerhead, learn in a few steps how to repair a water leak in a few minutes. If you are unsure on how to fix a leaking shower, we will advise to hire a professional plumber to handle complex situation.

How to seal my shower?

I assure you immediately, nothing very complicated in what will follow, but check that you are in possession of some supplies of plumbing bases – sanitary (take a look at Leroy-Merlin or any other DIY store if you ever need to build an emergency tool kit … A leak on a shower can have several origins, indeed:

The Leaking Showers from your shower may come from:
– evacuation drain – see model from Red Parker.
– water ingress into the sealant joints lining the shower tray or the walls of the shower enclosure,
– the cracked receiver …


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